Saturday, May 8, 2010

End of our Blog

I have been thinking about closing out our blog for some time now.  It has become more of a have to than a get to.  Life is very satisfying, full of joy, and yes very busy again with yet another West baby in the family.  With tonight being the eve of baby dedication at our church, where we will give our precious new daughter back to God who gave her to us, I think this is the appropriate moment.  The West Family Adoption Journey is over.  God has fully grafted her into our family now, she is not our adopted daughter, she is simply our daughter.  We are still amazed at every chance we have when pondering these past 2 plus years at all the wonders God has shown us.  God is truly love.  I can not find the words to express his glory.  We hope that somewhere along the way you have seen God, please know that it was truly his great work that he has done.  Our prayer is that you all will come to know him as we know him, seek him, he will be found if you do.

And so we have come to the end of our journey.  I think the best way to end it is to simply add one last photo.  Its image and its message was in the heart of God long before we ever knew where he would lead us.

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Teresa said...

What an amazing journey! Thank you for posting it online so we could go along on the journey with you! There is nothing like the privilege of getting to watch God at work!!!